CTO Craft Bytes: Beyond just an OpenAI wrapper

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About the EVENT

In recent times, some products and features were indeed “just OpenAI wrappers”. However, to build compelling products that took advantage of GenAI models, a lot of work, thought, and deliberation were still needed. What techniques and patterns did we need to learn to effectively unlock the potential of this revolution.

Attendees were invited to join an evening of drinks, nibbles, and networking to explore patterns and techniques for building LLM-enabled applications and tools.

The session examined the current ecosystem and what fit where, as well as how to take advantage of open-source libraries and models.

“OpenAI wrappers” were encountered within various products and features, but building compelling products that harnessed GenAI models demanded substantial effort. Intentionality was necessary in employing techniques and patterns to optimize the potential of the AI-Native revolution.

This session aimed to provide valuable insights and practical advice for leaders and managers seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of cloud technologies and AI integration.


Sergio Ramos

Head of Engineering, YLD

Sergio is responsible for pushing business in the right technical direction and has done so, as a full stack engineer.

When he is not solving complex technical problems for YLD’s clients, he provides consulting as well as internal and external training.


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