Who are we?

Whatever your experience level, making the move from building software to leading a team can be a delicate process.  How do you learn the skills needed to build and motivate a team of engineers? What does success look like? And how do you ensure the triumphs of your team lead to triumphs for your business?

We bring together established startup CTOs from around the world, willing to share their knowledge and experience via mentoring groups, coaching sessions, workshops, events and much more.  Whether you’re a new tech lead, engineering manager, head of development or a fellow CTO, our community can help make the transition to a great leader as straightforward and as successful as possible.

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Why choose us?

CTO Craft's team of experienced coaches and mentors have helped support and develop CTOs and software development leaders in businesses of all sizes and industries - but why should you trust us with your growth?

Top Industry Coaches

The CTO Craft team is made up of expert coaches from businesses across the tech, finance, gaming and e-commerce industries ready to lead you to success.

A Safe Space

Operating under the Chatham House Rule, we provide a safe physical and psychological space for you to share your stories, worries and concerns without fear of judgment or risk of exposure.

A Massive Network and Resources

Hundreds of CTOs and technology leaders are using the Community and Mentoring services, sharing resources and swapping stories and solutions

The CTO Craft Mission

We want to improve the quality of technology leadership in all types of organisation, by providing key support to leaders throughout their careers, improving their relationships with others and the work itself and reducing the chance of burnout and imbalanced energy demands.

We strive to increase the chances of businesses' success by helping technology leaders gain better alignment with other departments and set clearer expectations of their teams and direct reports.

The CTO Craft Mission


Circles and One-to-One Coaching Programmes are facilitated by experienced former CTOs from businesses like Made.com, Secret Sales, MyDeco, Photobox, Graze and more.

Andy Skipper

CTO Coach, former CTO at Comic Relief and Made.com

Laura Tacho

Engineering Leadership Coach and Consulting CTO/VPE

Joel Chippindale

CTO Coach and Adviser

Dan Smith

Executive Coach; Tech & Product Due Diligence and M&A Advisor

“It’s always about the people not the technology”

Emma Hopkinson-Spark

Chief of Staff at 101 Ways

Graham Hobson

Entrepreneur. Advisor. CTO. Founder of Photobox

Adelina Chalmers

CTO Strategic Advisor and Founder at The Geek Whisperer

Eric Weiss

CTO, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author

Sidharth Chugh

Director of Engineering at Ratepay, Former VP Engineering at ING Bank Deutschland and CTO Coach

Dennis Pannuto

Executive Technology Leader & Coach

Janet Kasdan

Fractional CTO & Digital Product Consultant

Susan Solomon

Coach - Senior Tech Executives

Paul Butcher

CTO. Technology Startup Veteran & Advisor. Author of Software Engineering Textbooks

Sebastian Galonska

Former CTO and Co-Founder at Kontist

David Yakimischak

Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey Fredrick

CTO and Head of Product & Marketing at TIM Group

Stephan Schmidt

CTO Coach

Rod Alderton

Founder and Director Alderton Digital LTD

James Conroy-Finn

Founder, Invetica

Edoardo Turelli

Exited Founder/CTO • Advisor • Consultant • Coach • CTO

I’ve been part of $30m fundraisings, built world record-breaking deeptech and led multiple scaleups.

Jossie Haines

Executive Coach/Former VPE of Tile

Steve Mushero

Fractional CTO • Advisor • Former CEO, CTO

Kirsten Achtelstetter

Advisor. Coach. Fractional CTO. Founder at North Star Advisory

Robbie Clutton

Fractional CTO, Coach and Advisor

James O’Halloran

Business Coach and Founder, Sweet.Work

James Cook

Executive Leadership & Culture Coach

Jo Rabin

CTO, Advisor, Coach

Anton Kireev

Co-Founder & CTO at Muj Fres

Ashutosh Saxena

VP of Technology at &Open

Francis Lacoste

VPE Coach, former senior engineering leader at Salesforce and Heroku

Kimberly Lowe-Williams

Advisor/Mentor/Coach & Director of Engineering

Tom Sturge

CTO at Mohtas Media

Markus Böge

CTO, B2B SaaS Product Development Coach & Advisor

Geoff Watts

Business and Personal Coach to ambitious leaders

Meik Reimer

Fractional CTO and Coach

Adam Horner

CTO Coach and fractional CTO