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CTOs and tech leaders face numerous challenges in their roles, which can ultimately impact their teams. Therefore, managing your health and well-being as a CTO or tech leader can be difficult.

We conducted our 2023 Leadership Health Survey in partnership with Lohika, part of Capgemini, to gain a deeper understanding of how technology leaders manage their health and well-being while also managing that of their teams.

In this article, we’ll dive into the key findings so you can understand what other leaders like you are experiencing and saying. For the full report with all the data, interviews and solutions, click here.

The leadership health survey

Our latest research focuses on new feedback from global technology leaders to answer questions about the current state of leader and team health and plans and solutions for 2023.

The report provides CTOs and leaders in technology with data on essential leadership areas, including a leader’s personal development, how they give and receive feedback for their personal development and for their team, how they manage their stress and well-being and that of their team, whether they have made layoffs in the past 3-9 months and how they intend to develop their people in 2023.

The survey was open online during February and early March 2023, and interviews were conducted with randomly selected individuals who consented to a follow-up. It focused on two main areas:

  • Part 1: Leadership Health Check
  • Part 2: Team Health Check
Leadership health survey key findings

Respondents came from 27 countries, and CTOs made up almost two-thirds of the respondents, followed by 18% in some type of engineering roles (including Directors, VPs and Managers). 

  1. 1 in 5 leaders are not giving enough time to their personal leadership growth, but 83% of technology leaders work on their development at least every month.
  1. 2 in 5 leaders have been part of laying off team members, and over half of organisations have not implemented layoffs in the past 3-9 months.
  1. Half the leaders intend to grow their teams, and over a quarter use LinkedIn to hire.
  1. 36% of leaders have not seen team productivity changes.
  1. 42% of leaders rely on word of mouth to check on team well-being, and most leaders use 1:1s to give feedback to their teams.
Overall findings

Our leadership health survey research highlights some predicted responses and some surprises, but generally, leaders are focusing on their leadership health and the health of their teams.

Most leaders spend time on their personal development, working on it at least every month, and three-quarters work on their well-being. However, over half have not yet set personal goals for 2023. Some said they didn’t have time, that the current environment makes it difficult to know what to focus on, and that there is a lack of clarity about what to develop.

Feedback is an area that leaders could improve for themselves, as just over a third ask for regular feedback, and one in five do not ask for feedback. However, most leaders have methods in place for giving individuals feedback.

Team growth appears positive this year, with leaders looking to recruit, and compensation is not the main way leaders intend to retain their people as they view work and development as more important. This article is just a sample of the survey insights and highlights from our research. To learn more about Leadership Health in 2023 and view suggested solutions, download the full report.


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