We’re back! Announcing the free CTO Craft MiniCon – ‘The Complete Hiring Arc’, 31st May 2022

CTO Craft MiniCon Hiring Arc

We’re excited to announce the virtual CTO Craft MiniCon coming this May. We couldn’t wait until the longer conference at the end of the year, so we’ve organised a day packed full of CTO experts and fantastic thought leaders to share their insights about the Complete Hiring Arc, from sourcing candidates to getting them on board. And we’re giving it to you for free.

Held virtually on 31 May 2022, from 4pm – 7pm (BST), you’ll have the opportunity to make new connections, develop your strategic thinking and be part of exclusive discussions with our technology experts.

The theme for the conference is the Complete Hiring Arc, an area that is more relevant and important than ever.

Why now?

Over the last year, CTO Craft has seen significant growth as our community members now exceed 7,000. We have listened to your feedback to understand more about what you need from us, so we’re bringing three hours of actionable insights, effective leadership approaches and confidence and clarity around the Hiring Arc in technology.

As we ease out of a two-year pandemic, the people challenges facing businesses aren’t suddenly going to go away overnight. For example, hiring issues, including the increased competition for experienced developers and inflated salary expectations, are prevalent in the technology industry today.

And as the great resignation, the great rethink, or whatever terminology you use, continues, hiring and retention are real issues that businesses must tackle strategically to thrive or survive.

The focus

Our MiniCon will focus on the Complete Hiring Arc and the current challenges in the technology world. We’ll drill down to discuss what can be done to attract the talent we need in our businesses. But, we’re not going to just scratch the surface and tell you what the current issues are. Instead, we’ll dig deep into the challenges of attracting and hiring staff and how you can use different ways of sourcing candidates, assessing for technical ability and culture fit, all while ensuring we’re not closing the door on diversity and inclusion.

Over the day, we’ll focus on the Hiring Arc from the beginning of the hiring process through to making a compelling offer and everything in between.

CTO Craft MinCon 31st May 2022

With the significant growth of our community to over 7,000 tech leaders, our amazing sponsors, including AWS and Karat, and more events than we can possibly count, we thought it the perfect time for a day together to share knowledge, insights and good practice about hiring.

Focusing on the Hiring Arc, from sourcing candidates to making an offer, our brilliant speakers and partners will take you through the ins and out of:

  • Alternative Sourcing Methods – do you tend to just head straight to a recruiter to source your candidates? Then, we’ll discuss other ways to source excellent candidates.
  • Hiring Women and Under-Represented Minorities – gain some expert insights into how to hire inclusively.
  • Technical Assessments – do you use technical assessments to hire developers? We’ll discuss why they’re essential in the recruitment process and how you can use them.
  • Assessing Cultural Fit and Add – if you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, how do you know if they will be a cultural fit for your business? Join us to dig deep into how you can assess cultural fit during the recruitment process.
  • Candidate Experience Modelling – what is the candidate experience, and how can you ensure that candidates feel good about your company throughout the recruitment process?
  • The Perfect Job Post – is there such a thing? Does it exist? Join us for a discussion about what works and what doesn’t. 

Our speakers

Our speakers include Luca Rossi, Head of Engineering at Translated.com, Jessica Zwaan, COO at Whereby, Roy Rapoport of Netflix, Jacob Kaplan-Moss of Jacobian and Laura Tacho,  Engineering Leadership Coach and Consulting CTO/VPE. 

And we are delighted to have some excellent experts to MC during the day, including CTO Coach and Advisor Joel Chippindale and Emma Hopkinson-Spark, Chief of Staff at 101 Ways.

It’s a day not to be missed.

How to join

To say a big thank you for all the support you continue to give us, we are giving you this event for free! But, even though it’s free, you still need to join. So, sign up now for this fantastic and insightful remote tech get together, which will hopefully answer all the hiring questions you have and give you lots more besides!

Get your ticket for CTO Craft MiniCon on 31st May 2022 here now.

See you virtually on 31st May!


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