Imagine a community, crafted by CTOs for CTOs. We’ll we’re right here. A community of practice, CTO Craft is home to some of the world’s top technology leaders. An inclusive network of the Who’s Who of the tech sphere including leaders from The BBC, Mastercard, Conde Nast, JustEat, DAZN, Photobox and many more. We believe in increasing EQ skills, inclusivity and diversity both within the CTO Craft community and the wider tech industry. 

Founded by Andy Skipper, Coach, Speaker and an award-winning CTO, formerly at and Comic Relief, he created CTO Craft with the mission to improve the quality of technology leadership in all types of organisation. By providing key support to leaders throughout their careers, CTO Craft helps improve their relationships with their team(s), peers and stakeholders, as well as the work itself; reducing the chance of burnout and imbalanced energy demands.

Together with our brilliant team of mentors and coaches, CTO Craft supports CTOs and senior tech leaders to:

  • Navigate the ever-changing engineering culture: building and developing leadership skills that bolster team cohesion and productivity
  • Learn the right way to plan the architecture and maintenance of quality tech products:
  • Create sustainable operations, processes and infrastructure: bullet-proofing, project management and constructing secure platforms

Through community collaboration, peer mentoring circles, coaching and weekly events including roundtables, fireside chats and panel talks, CTO Craft increases the chance of commercial success by helping technology leaders build business acumen, bolster confidence, foster a great working culture and become truly effective communicators and managers.

CTO Craft Conference 2020

With over 2,000 tech leaders in the community, an impressive roster of sponsors including the likes of AWS and The Scale Factory, and almost 40 events under our belt, we thought it the perfect time for the ultimate summit:  CTO Craft Con 2020 – The People One. 

From 1 – 3 December 2020, we’re bringing together our VIP list of veritable experts in one (virtual) room for a three-days of no nonsense advice, key talks and networking. Covering the topics of:

  • Hiring and onboarding;
  • Building alignment;
  • Professional development;
  • Career trajectory planning;
  • High-performance teams;
  • Engineering employer branding;
  • Resource planning and budgeting;
  • Team structure and organisational design; and 
  • Diversity and Inclusion.

With a brilliant line-up of speakers including GitHub’s CTO, Jason Warner and more to be announced soon, it’s not to be missed. We’re also offering exclusive discounts for CTO Craft members (it’s free to join!), so snap up a ticket in good time, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Why now? 

First and foremost, we have some incredible tips, tricks and stories to share to help technology leaders level up, take control of their career trajectory and prepare for the future. But also, because we know COVID-19 has brought with it a huge number of challenges including changing the face of many industries – some for good. As the world stands poised at this pivotal moment, looking forward into 2021 and wondering what it will look like, we need to rally together. Technology has never been more vital both in terms of helping people and organisations respond and adapt, and shaping the transition into the new normal. Forewarned is forearmed. 

Aiding delegates overcome unprecedented obstacles, create indispensable connections and build confidence in their leadership abilities is our craft; join us at the CTO Craft Conference 2020 to start honing yours.


Get your ticket for CTO Craft Con: The People One here now!

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