Call for Thoughts

Picture this. You’ve attended the first two days of the CTO Craft Winter Conference, and you’re raring to go for day 3, the Unconference. But wait, why are some other attendees hosting Lightning Talks at the Unconference, and you’re not? That’s because they submitted a Call for Papers (CfP) and you didn’t.

Here’s what you need to do so you don’t miss out on hosting a fantastic Lightning Talk at the CTO Craft Conference. Lightning Talks are your opportunity to take the stage, share your perspective on what you’ve learnt during the conference, and support fellow engineering leaders in a low-stakes, fun environment.

Submit your CfP here.

What is a Lightning Talk?

They are 15-minute punchy talks hosted by you, the conference attendees. But we have a limited number we can hold, so we’re asking you to wow us with your ideas and topics so we can choose the talks in advance.

These talks are designed to be quick (hence the name!), inspirational and thought-provoking. We’re especially interested in topics your fellow CTOs and tech leaders will find insightful. 

How do I submit a CfP?

Submissions for your CfP are open NOW. You’ll have between now and 18:00 on the second day of the conference to submit your CfP. So set the alarm, put it in your calendar or leave yourself a trail of reminder post-it notes around your desk; whatever you do, remember to submit within the timeframe. Once it’s closed, it’s closed.

Here’s the link to apply NOW.

The form won’t take long to complete. We need:

  • Some personal details 
  • A one-sentence bio
  • Social media links if you want to add them
  • Talk title
  • Talk synopsis
  • Which of our talk categories it fits into
  • And some basic approvals to record your talk

So, don’t hesitate, get your brain engaged and start considering what you are passionate about discussing with the Community. Then submit your CfPs, and we’ll let you know nearer the time if you’ve been successful. We intend to make the CfP a big part of future conferences, so this is also an opportunity to get in contact early on and practice the process.


If you or your CTO / technology lead would benefit from any of the services offered by the CTO Craft community, use the Contact Us button at the top or email us here and we’ll be in touch!

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