Announcing our November CTO Craft Conference 2022! Here’s a Sneak Peek of What We’ll be Focusing on and What’s New.

CTO Craft Conference

It may only be August (and it feels like we just finished our last conference), but we’re already deep into planning for our next CTO Craft Conference in November 2022. We gathered input from our CTO Craft Community and the Creative Committee, and the feedback was to focus on the general issues that remain relevant to Engineering Leadership. So, we’ll be covering items on strategy, people, learning and development and mental health in technology, but also in areas that are very relevant now in times of unprecedented change for technology industries.

Here’s a hint of what you can expect.

Put these dates in your diary

We’ll be live online on November 14th – 16th with three days packed full of expert speakers, fascinating panels and the ever favourite, fireside chats. Once the final schedule is ready, we’ll publish it so you can see the list of speakers. 

Over the three days, you’ll have endless opportunities to network with peers, make new connections, develop your expertise and strategic thinking, and be fully involved in exclusive discussions with expert tech leaders. 

Theme or no theme?

As mentioned, we’re keen to keep the content as broad as possible for the November conference instead of having one specific theme. That said, we will be delving deep into two areas we believe to be of particular interest to our community and beyond:

  • Understanding the Engineering Lead / CTO role in the context of your wider business (e.g. inter-relationships with your CFO, CTO, CPO, the Board and other C-level leaders and functions).
  • Building a network as an engineering leader and maximising the power of networking in career development. 

We’ll link these themes to the context of current global economics and what that means for funding and scaling and the people in your team.

Plus, something shiny and new

We don’t believe in boring and repetitive, so we’ve been discussing what else we can offer you during this conference that’s a bit different, hugely rewarding and new for CTO Craft conferences.  

So, we’ve decided that the final day, 16 November, will be an Unconference. 

That means that the day and topics are driven by you as the participants. The Unconference will feature lightning talks from community members, a Call for Thoughts, roundtables, and extra networking focused on the engineering leadership role and experience.

If you’re unsure what an Unconference is, watch out for a new blog from us soon, and we’ll give you all the details you need. But essentially, the third day will be an excellent opportunity for you to hone in on the skills you’ve acquired in the first two days of the conference. You’ll also have the chance to experience member options with alternative people and diverse thoughts and opinions.

What about tickets?

Tickets for our Winter Conference are £199, but CTO Craft Community members can access a reduced rate early-bird ticket right now for all three days at £149. Check the #announcements channel for your exclusive community member discount code.

The only other thing to say at this stage is that we’ll announce the lineup of speakers soon, which we’re really excited about.

We look forward to seeing you in November!


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