CTO Craft MiniCon

If you joined us for our recent virtual CTO Craft MiniCon, then thank you and we really hope you enjoyed it and gained lots of new insights about the Complete Hiring Arc in technology. However, if you missed it and are panicking about all the good stuff you didn’t hear (don’t worry, there’s another conference later this year), here’s an overview of some of the insights from the day.

The focus

In just three hours, expert speakers discussed essential aspects of the hiring arc to help you recruit the talent you need. During the conference, we covered:

  • Engineering recruitment
  • Job advertising and candidate attraction
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Selection, assessments and interviewing
  • Making a convincing offer
Who attended?

Over a thousand of you registered for our free conference and on the day, we had over four hundred live attendees. And the geographical spread of attendees was vast, with listeners joining from over twenty countries:

Our speakers

It’s amazing what you can cover in three hours. During our Minicon, we featured:

Aline Lerner, Founder & CEO of interviewing.io was our opening keynote speaker and discussed Hiring Engineers – The One Thing You SHOULD Micromanage.

Aline shared hiring funnel data to highlight the potential cost of engineering leaders taking a backseat in hiring and outlined the best way to maximise ROI on minimal time and resources. You can watch her presentation here.

Michal Juhas, Tech Recruiting Consultant and former CTO at HotelQuickly, focused on How To Find and Headhunt IT Talents Remotely. He discussed strategies and hands-on techniques for using LinkedIn to find qualified candidates to join your tech teams. To watch Michal’s session go here, and you can also read his Spotlight Q&A

‘Thank you for this MiniCon. I didn’t imagine a virtual con could go so well.’ Mayank

Ola Sitarska, Senior Dev Manager at Shopify, gave a fascinating presentation on Hiring Diverse Teams. She shared her insights into the best practices of nurturing a representative hiring pipeline, objectively assessing the best candidates and improving the diversity of your tech team in a way that’s both effective and pragmatic. To listen to her session, go here.

Luca Rossi, Founder of Refactoring, talked in-depth about creating the Perfect Job Post. Is there even such a thing, and what mistakes are companies making with job posts? Find out in his fireside chat with moderator, CTO Coach and Adviser Joel Chippindale here and in his CTO Craft blog.

Laura Tacho, Engineering Leadership Coach, shared her expertise with moderator Emma Hopkinson-Spark about implementing Better Technical Assessments. So, how do you design a technical challenge that accurately assesses a candidate’s skills, recognises common pitfalls with technical assessments and evaluates different techniques that can take your own assessments from good to great? Find out here and read her Spotlight Q&A on the CTO Craft blog.

Jessica Zwaan, Chief Operating Officer at Whereby, gave her insightful thoughts about Assessing Culture Fit and Add. In her presentation, she focused on how you can build a scalable performance and cultural assessment mechanism and the concept of culture as a product. If you missed it, tune in here and read Jessica’s Q&A blog on the CTO Craft website.

Roy Rapoport, Director, Corporate Engineering at Netflix, joined us for a fireside chat with Zoe Cunningham. He discussed Candidate Experience Design and shared his valuable thoughts on life at Netflix and creating an engineering culture that works for all. To listen to their chat, go here.

And finally, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Engineering Leader and Co-Creator of Django, hosted our keynote session, which asked, Is your offer compelling in a competitive hiring economy? He discussed why it’s a seller’s market for talent and how to make an offer that stands apart from the rest and gives you the best shot of landing your favourite candidate. So, if you missed it or want to listen again, go here now and enjoy Jacob’s CTO Craft Spotlight Q&A blog.

‘Many thanks to the whole of the CTO Craft team. What an amazing workshop!’ Ed

Thank you to our speakers, moderators, sponsors and attendees for being essential to our MiniCon! We hope you found the conference as interesting and useful as we did. If you want to listen to the full three hours, here you go.

If you’re considering joining the CTO Craft community, you can find out more about it on our website, where we also have blogs packed full of information from our MiniCon speakers and about working in technology.

Our next conference will be in November, so we’ll let you know more about it soon and we really hope to see you there.


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