Winter is Coming: Announcing CTO Craft Con 3 – Nov 2021

It’s back, it’s packed and it’s better than ever. Yes, CTO Craft Con Winter 2021 is here and we’ve added a fourth day because we have even more brilliant thought leaders to hear from and just so much good stuff to cover.

From 8th – 11th November, we’ve rounded up the Who’s Who of technology experts for four days of specialist advice, exclusive talks and the opportunity to make awesome, new connections. If you want to level up and accelerate your career progression then CTO Craft Con Winter 2021 is the only place to be (virtually, of course). 

The changing landscape

It’s fair to say that globally, we’ve all been through a huge period of change and transformation – with the tech industry and its incumbents stepping up to the plate at record-breaking speed with record-saving solutions. And while most of us have emerged from lockdown, life is far from normal. 

For many in the community and beyond, upskilling and professional growth have taken a back seat, strategy has become more important than ever and there are unprecedented hiring challenges as the market faces a dearth of talent on top of businesses trying to both stay afloat and future-proof, without the staff numbers it once had. Add to that the heightened personal and mental health needs brought on by a worldwide pandemic and you have a recipe for communal exhaustion. 

What’s new for CTO Craft Con?

CTO Craft has seen significant growth over the last 18 months and as a community of practice, we listened to what you wanted – nay needed from us. So, we’re bringing four days of actionable insights, effective leadership approaches, confidence and clarity around decision-making, engaging key stakeholders, attracting and retaining talent, best culture practices, ROI and maximising opportunities, straight to you. 

Coupled with our learnings from the previous two conferences, we honed our offering to ensure that no stone is unturned when it comes to supporting new and seasoned CTOs and leaders-in-the-making as we head open-eyed into 2022. 

Sponsored by the likes of AWS, CircleCI, Karat, Lohika and O’Reilly, our brilliant partners that help make the magic happen, you’ll learn from the very best in the industry as they take you through ins and out of:

  • Hiring – Get the down-low on workforce planning, sourcing, interviewing, and tech assessments;
  • Learning and Development – Navigate career ladders, confronting skills gaps and competency frameworks, measuring impact, and personal/professional growth
  • Strategy – Everything you need to know about vision statements, OKRs and KPIs, Models for strategic planning and documenting strategy
  • Burnout and Stress – Remember you’re not alone as our thought leaders come together to discuss common indicators of burnout, building resilience, good vs bad stress and supporting exhausted teams

This winter, keynote speakers include Mike Boufford – CTO at Greenhouse, Andrew Odewahn – CTO at O’Reilly, Claire Russell – CEO at Mental Health in Business, Kellan Elliott-McCrea – VP of Engineering at Dropbox and Simon Wardley – Strategy Consultant and creator of Wardley Maps. And we’re incredibly excited to welcome back D&I and hiring extraordinaire, Shannon Hogue – Global Head of Solutions Engineering at Karat. It really is not to be missed!

Join us

As before, we’re also offering exclusive discounts for CTO Craft members (it’s still free to sign up!) plus VIP access to speakers for Q&As prior to the sessions. So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket before they’re gone and join us for the biggest remote tech get together that promises to have you facing the New Year and new challenges with a solid plan, broadened perspective and most importantly, a big smile.  

See you there!


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