Why join the CTO Craft Community?

  • As a member of the CTO Craft Community, you’ll have access to cutting-edge learning, media, events and mentoring services.
  • CTO Craft provides a diverse range of ways to learn but also the crucial community environment in which to grow your network and learn from people who share and have faced those challenges as they navigate the fast-paced startup and scale-up ecosystem.
  • Our friendly membership community is guided by experts, providing a safe and supportive space for learning, collaboration, and connection.

Community Membership Plans


The CTO Craft Community
£ 0 / year

Essentials Includes

  • Slack membership
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Weekly Bytes events
  • *Membership limited to senior technology execs
  • *Note: If you're already a CTO Craft Slack member, you don't need to sign up - you're already an Essentials member!


Basic Campus Membership
£ 399 / year

Foundations Includes

  • All Essentials Benefits
  • Private Community
  • Unlimited Self-paced Courses
  • Exclusive Content
  • Video Library
  • Books & Management Theories
  • Assessments
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee


Guided Learning
£ 1499 / year

Masters Includes

  • All Essentials & Foundations Benefits
  • Guided Learning Experiences
  • Curated Learning Bundles
  • Live Workshops
  • Cohort-based Learning
  • Certificates and Proof of Learning
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee


Group Mentoring
£ 2999 / year

Circles Includes

  • All Benefits
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • Discounted Conference Tickets
  • Other Discounts & Offers
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

Who is CTO Craft for?

The CTO Craft Community is for all Chief Technology Officers and senior technology leaders. From early-stage startups and scaleups to aspiring CTO’s of larger organisations in senior roles.

The Community has members from all over the world and across all sectors of industry and business size and scale and besides our online events and Slack Community we organise in-person events to provide the chance for Community members to meet.



We want to provide a safe space for CTOs and Technology Leaders to meet and network, share their challenges and solutions, hear from more experienced leaders and engage in online and in-person events to help accelerate their learning in the art of leading technology teams. We take care to only invite those leading teams of engineers, and will never allow recruiters or service providers to join and use the online community as a sales channel.

We'll never tolerate harassment, threats, abuse or intimidation of any kind. While discussions may include disagreement and questioning, we will never condone escalation into argument or victimisation - the community exists as a learning and support resource, and negative behaviour will never be allowed.

See our Code of Conduct for more information.

Who is CTO Craft for?