Transformative Executive and Leadership CTO Coaching

Set yourself up for success, unlock your professional growth and build on your strengths and leadership skills with a bespoke coaching and learning programme with an experienced CTO Coach

Accelerate Your Leadership Learning

Explore and enhance motivations, desires, skills and thoughts to help make lasting change.

Increase confidence through improved goal setting and accountability, and identify areas for growth.

Learn new mental models and tools to open new streams of opportunity and growth.

Build specific, actionable skills around team building, technology and product strategy, and much more.


Our Coaches provide a combination of traditional executive and leadership coaching, and subject-specific mentoring and validation, using the wealth of their experience in CTO and Engineering Leadership roles to help you make decisions, reach new objectives, build skills and self-knowledge.

The traditional style of executive and leadership coaching is focused on drawing the best out of you, through building self-awareness, goal-setting and adding accountability. Coaching from a CTO Craft Coach adds to this with real-life experience – we’ve made the mistakes and earned the scars, and we can help you grow while helping you avoid the most common issues.

How does coaching work?

Through guided reflection with an experienced CTO, you’ll set goals, identify obstacles and behaviour patterns and work to change or improve them for the benefit of you and your business’ future.

With your personal coach, you’ll:

  • Explore and build upon motivations, desires, and thoughts to help make lasting change and combat stress
  • Increase confidence in your skills and decision-making abilities through effective  goal-setting and accountability
  • Identify areas for growth and learn new mental models and tools to access new streams of opportunity and get a return on your investment
  • Build specific, actionable skills around team building, technology and product strategy


The CTO Coaches at CTO Craft come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, from startups to scale-ups, large organisations and SMEs alike. They’ve worked as CTOs in fintech, proptech, ecommerce, SaaS, regtech, government, charities, gaming and many more, with teams ranging from 15 to 300 and beyond. They have experience as co-founders, in seed-stage businesses, through raising investment from venture capital, private equity, have been through mergers and acquisitions on both ends, and have led teams through all stages and sizes.

CTO Craft matches you to the perfect Coach – we’ll arrange a time to meet or speak with you and learn about your situation and the problems you’re facing, how you like to learn and grow and the urgency of your needs. We’ll then recommend a Coach to you, and organise a meeting where you can understand the value they’ll add, and decide to continue working together.


The effects of coaching on performance and well-being aren’t just hearsay; several qualitative surveys have been run over the years which consistently point to the massive return on investment coaching for individuals can have. A 2001 study of coaching benefits found:

71% increase in relationships with immediate supervisors;
67% increase in teamwork;
63% improvement in relationships with peers;
61% increase in job satisfaction;
44% increase in organisational commitment; and
37% improvement in relationships with clients.

To read more about the benefits and how to approach your company about support with coaching, read our post here

There’s more information on Leadership Coaching and its benefits on the Institute of Coaching website.


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Who are the coaches?

Circles and One-to-One Coaching Programmes are facilitated by experienced former CTOs from businesses like, Secret Sales, MyDeco, Photobox, Graze and more.