CTO Craft Bytes: Mastering Transitions in Startups, Scale-ups and Beyond

About the EVENT

Join us for a one-hour virtual Bytes discussion to explore the evolving role of a CTO as startups grow into scale-ups, including how to adapt leadership style and technical strategy to meet expanding needs.

Key discussion points include:

  • Strategies for managing teams in a hybrid work environment, focusing on maintaining productivity and innovation across different work settings.
  • The challenges of CTOs who must juggle various roles—from strategic decision-making to hands-on technical work—and how to balance these responsibilities effectively.
  • How can CTOs stay effective and relevant through the company’s growth phases, especially when adopting hybrid work models?
  • By the end of this online session, participants will gain actionable insights on:
  • Optimising team dynamics in a hybrid work setting
  • Effectively balancing strategic and technical responsibilities
  • Staying ahead in their role through various growth phases of their company

Key info

Date: Wednesday 24th July

Time: 12:00-1:00PM BST

Location: Online


Coraline Faurie

CPTO & Creator, Tessa.ai

As an executive leader, Coraline delivers innovative products that strategically impact businesses, responding effectively to market demands and driving transformative shifts within the industry.

She thrives in dynamic environments and has hands-on experience in creating, scaling, and leading teams, processes, and products in both startups and scale-ups.


Hizam Sahibudeen

CTO, Shipmonk

As the CTO at ShipMonk, Hizam spearheaded the strategic direction, development, and implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions to revolutionise e-commerce fulfilment. Under his leadership, they developed a robust platform that seamlessly integrates order processing, inventory management, and shipping logistics, providing clients with real-time visibility and control over their supply chains.

Kirsten Achtelstetter

Founder, North Star Advisory