CTO Craft Bytes: Remote Realities – What does Culture mean now?

About the EVENT

Is Culture Dead?

In this Bytes session, we delved into what Culture meant and how a CTO led a team in a remote-working world.

In the ever-evolving world of remote work and digital connectivity, the concept of organizational culture underwent a profound transformation. Join us in this enlightening Bytes session as we explored the question: Was Culture Dead?

Our panelists, all seasoned Chief Technology Officers and Engineering Leaders, shared their experiences and shed light on how to navigate and nurture a thriving culture within a remote working team. Discover the strategies and insights that could help you maintain a strong and vibrant company culture in the digital age.


Katherine Spice: CTO, Learnerbly
Julian Browne: Versatile CTO
Liz Pope: Head of Engineering, Unmind
Gonçalo Silva: CTO, Doist
Richard Bundock: MD, HeadChannel

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