A step-change in your leadership growth: Mentoring Circles for Tech Leaders

Becoming a CTO or Technology Leader for the first time can be a lonely and overwhelming affair – joining a CTO Craft Mentoring Circle provides you with a Community of Practice, with regular peer-led discussions, facilitated by an experienced CTO Coach

Also includes full access to all courses, groups, assessments and resources on Campus

What's a CTO Mentoring Circle?

Meeting monthly, Mentoring Circles provide you with regular, facilitator-led discussions and learning in a small group of peers


Circles are groups of up to 7 technology leaders of similar experience levels

Each Circle is facilitated by an experienced CTO Coach

Members suggest and vote on discussion topics for each session

Members bring their own experiences, along with new models from the Coach

Why join a CTO Mentoring Circle?

Build a trusted network: share reflections, stories, experiences, lessons and best practices with a small group of leaders in similar positions.

Curated groups: we choose leaders with similar levels of experience, team size and structure and business stage.

Experienced facilitator: the groups are led by a CTO who’s been in your position, and can help guide through to solutions and provide mental tools.

Commitment to improvement: membership of a group brings accountability for continuous improvement and openness.

Full access to Campus: Circle members have access to all courses, assessments, groups and resources in our exclusive learning platform.


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Who are the coaches?

Circles and One-to-One Coaching Programmes are facilitated by experienced former CTOs from businesses like Made.com, Secret Sales, MyDeco, Photobox, Graze and more.

What you'll learn

Design, Build & Debug Engineering Culture

Build Leadership and Team-building Skills

  • Vision, values and goal-setting
  • Hiring, on-boarding, retention, development and motivation
  • Meetings, 1:1s and time management
  • Teamwork, collaboration and team building
  • Stakeholders and upward management
  • Stress and burnout
  • Feedback, delegation and decision-making

Architect & Maintain Quality Technology Products

Learn how to Plan and Build Products the Right Way

  • Software architecture and engineering practices
  • Platforms and technologies
  • Security and data privacy
  • Research and development
  • Data engineering and science
  • Quality assurance

Create Sustainable Operations, Process & Infrastructure

Bullet-proof Ops, Project Management Processes and Secure Platforms

  • Product management and roadmapping
  • Process and release planning, Agile and Lean
  • Infrastructure, performance and ops
  • Continuous integration and release management
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Budgets and resource planning
  • Security, governance and risk

Want to chat about joining a circle?

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of joining a Circle, the kinds of conversation you’ll have, the support you’ll gain from being part of a group, and so on, click below and fill in your details to arrange a chat.

Commitment and costs

Membership of a Circle costs £2999 per year, which includes full access to Campus. We ask for a commitment of 12 months in order to build trust and coherence in the group, and to ensure every member has an opportunity to speak about issues that are important to them.