In case you missed it (shame, but there’s always next time!) or even if you didn’t and just want to relive it all over again, we thought we’d recap the hubbub of expertise that was our first-ever virtual conference – CTO Craft Con: The People One 2020!

Across three days in December, we welcomed 40 speakers and panellists, and almost 500 attendees from the UK, Europe, North America, Scandinavia, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Australia and many more. A truly global experience! 

Day One saw our speakers cover retention, onboarding and fostering a culture of progression. This was followed by a focus on building durable teams, organisational agility and facing down imposter syndrome on Day Two. Finally, Day Three tackled bridging the gap between development and the boardroom, how to ensure high performance when working remotely and architecting teams that scale.

Between the Slack and Hopin chats, it was brilliant to see the conversation and networking opportunities continue at pace for days afterwards, including insightful discussions around diversity, effective management strategies. We found it particularly helpful to hear how peers and senior leaders have been navigating change and uncertainty as we head into 2021 with technology at the forefront of Covid-19-related solutions and aiding people, organisations and the global economy, adapt and survive. 

“The conference was excellent – so much to digest. Thanks to you all!”

Joe. C

We also loved seeing people readily share their knowledge and resources with others and a must-read book list as long as our arm! Here are just a few that were mentioned by some of our speakers in case you want to follow up and maybe even start a book club next year:

“CTO Craft Con was awesome. Those three days were very useful and eye-opening.  Thanks for the opportunity to learn so much.” 

Kaminski. p

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us both new and ‘old’ – the CTO Craft community is an inclusive, ever-growing space and we’re so pleased to welcome a horde of new faces that will continue to make it even better.  And thank you again to our partners for supporting the CTO Craft community and vision, and enabling us to put on such a brilliant event. 

If you attended the last one we’d LOVE your feedback via this survey so we can make the next one even better!

Bring on CTO Craft Con 2021 – we can’t wait to see even more of you there.


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